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Bridge of the World
Well Well Reality
A TransPacific Poetics
Restless Continent


22 Aug 2017

John Yau of Hyperallergic writes on Litmus author 'Will Alexander's Celebration of the Possible'

15 Jun 2017

Roberto Harrison Interview

30 May 2017

Litmus Press Founding Editor E. Tracy Grinnell's 'Hell Figures' named CLMP Firecracker Award finalist for poetry

21 May 2017

Aja Couchois Duncan's "Restless Continent" wins the California Book Award for poetry

13 Apr 2017

Roberto Harrison named the 2017-19 Milwaukee Poet Laureate

12 Apr 2017

Aja Couchois Duncan named Finalist in Poetry for the 2016 California Book Awards


1 Dec 2017

Myung Mi Kim - Scalapino Lecture "To Sound: Translingual Attentions"

5 Dec 2017

Belladonna*: and/with: Litmus: Myung Mi Kim, Sawako Nakayasu, & Jai Arun Ravine

7 Dec 2017

The Triumph of Crowds by Brigid McLeer Directed by Fiona Templeton


17 Nov 2017

FRIDAY DEC 1 6-8 @ HIGGINS HALL @ PRATT :: The Leslie Scalapino Lecture in Innovative Poetics :: MYUNG MI KIM :: To Sound: ...

15 Nov 2017

Don’t forget to RSVP 🌀 DEC 4th 7pm // Jai Arun Ravine, Myung Mi Kim, and Sawako...

15 Nov 2017

Did you know we have broadsides for sale? Here’s a beautiful one from Brenda Iijima. 🌀

15 Nov 2017

Check out this wonderful interview with Litmus author Jennifer Scappettone from #asymptotejournal ! & if you haven’t already,...

15 Nov 2017

Bridge of the World


Well Well Reality

A TransPacific Poetics

No Gender

Another Kind of Tenderness


Restless Continent

Fabulas Feminae

Companion Animal