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Aufgabe 3Aufgabe 3

Featuring Mexican poetry in translation
guest edited by Jen Hofer

2003 • 257 pp. • 6″ x 9″ • $12.00
ISSN: 1532-5539
Original art by Jen Bervin

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About this Issue of Aufgabe

beings do

something, therefore
the world
in general.
The Space of Half an Hour, Keith Waldrop


“Therefore the importance of particulars, the importance of poetics, of questions, of listening, of seeing…always, and especially in face of the escalated violence and unabashed disortions of the last two years,” E. Tracy Grinnell writes in the Editor’s Note, expanding upon the statement in Waldrop’s line. Published in 2003, Aufgabe 3 considers the origins of action – or, doing something – and the ways in which literature makes action possible. This volume contains “an array of American poetry that navigates this territory of (en)vision(ing),” a body of work that  finds its way “through a complex linguistic and political landscape.” Picking up on Rick London and Leslie Scalapino’s work in  the post-9/11 journal Enough, the texts in Aufgabe 3 emphasize on seeing as the foundation to this necessary navigating.

Translator and guest editor Jen Hofer emphasizes this necessity through her selection of poetry from Mexico: “To imagine the unimaginable, to see what we have not yet seen or what we see daily through different eyes, to welcome what we do not already know, must somehow counter the inhuman , the dehumanizing, the deadening contexts that dull us.”  The featured poets in translation are José Pérez-Espino and Myriam Moscona, and the section includes excerpts from Hoja Frugal, a free monthly poetry broadside series distributed throughout Mexico and parts of the United States and Spain.

Guest Editor: Jen Hofer

Guest Editor: Jen Hofer

Jen Hofer edited and translated Sin puertas visibles: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry by Mexican Women (University of Pittsburgh Press and Ediciones Sin Nombre, 2003). Her recent books of poetry include slide rule (subpress, 2002), and The 3:15 Experiment (with Lee Ann Brown, Danika Dinsmore, and Bernadette Mayer, The Owl Press, 2001). She is co-editor, with Rod Smith, of Aerial #10, a forthcoming critical volume on the work of the poet Lyn Hejinian. Her writings against the war in Iraq and the war on terror can be found in the most recent issue of A.BACUS, and in the anthology Enough (O Books, 2003); other poems, prose texts and translations appear in recent issues of 26, Conundrum, kenning, kiosk, and NO: A Magazine of the Arts.

Table of Contents

Mexican poetry in translation
Guest edited by Jen Hofer
with images by Bibiana Padilla
     Jen Hofer
     José Pérez-espino
     Hoja Frugal
     Myriam Moscona
     Mexico City Literary Resources

     Lisa Pearson
     Craig Watson
     Ange Mlinko
     Dan Featherston
     Rodrigo Toscano
     Lisa Lubasch
     Roger Farr
     Stacy Szymaszek
     Rosmarie Waldrop
     Amanda Katz
     Thom Donovan & Kyle Schlesinger
     Ben Lerner
     Michael Magee
     Dieter M. Gräf
     Lance Phillips
     Sarah Riggs
     Stephen Potter
     Michelle Naka Pierce
     Chris Pusateri
     Genya Turovskaya
     Christopher Stackhouse
     Jill Darling
     kari edwards
     Dana Ward
     Africa Wayne
     Barbara Maloutas
     Michael Ives
     Candace Pirnak

Essays, Notes, Reviews
     Thom Donovan & Kyle Schlesinger
     Andrew Joron & Patrick Pritchett
     on Elizabeth Robinson
     Ange Mlinko
     K. Silem Mohammad on Michael Magee
     Barbara Maloutas
     Standard Schaefer on Norma Cole,
          Dennis Phillips
     Jill Darling