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Aufgabe 2Aufgabe 2

Featuring German poetry in translation
guest edited by Rosmarie Waldrop

May 2002 • 243 pp. • 6″ x 9″ • $12.00
ISSN: 1532-5539
Original art by Rachel Bers, “Schoolgirl, Savoir/Pouvoir”

Many of the German poets selected by Rosmarie Waldrop  “share a strong interest in visual art as well as a reaction against the rich, saturated lanaguage of ‘beautiful’ writing, of ‘literature,’” utilizing “narrow vocabularies, flat, denotative language , which they explore through presentation, often moving in Gertrude Stein fashion one step at a time.”  The American poetry, essays and prose work in Aufgabe 2 also reinforce the insistence in this volume “that language remain flexible, unoppressive, alive.”



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About this Issue of Aufgabe

Small press publishing is a medium through which the blurred relationship between writer, editor and reader is amplified. Establishing the meaning of Aufgabe‘s title, German for “work, task, or purpose,” editor E. Tracy Grinnell writes that the task of the journal “has become one which is perhaps most familiar to the translator: how to negotiate the space between writer and editor, where ‘reader’ is dually implied.” The writer, editor, or translator is also a reader, and the task of creating spaces in which language can be examined necessarily falls upon “those readers who insist that the text remain open, as a form of resistance.”

Guest Editor: Rosmarie Waldrop

Rosmarie Waldrop’s recent books are Reluctant Gravities (New Directions, 1999), Split Infinites (Singing Horse, 1998), and Another Language: Selected Poems (Talisman House, 1997). Northwestern has reprinted her novels, The Hanky of Pippin’s Daughter and A Form/of Taking/It All in one paperback. She has translated Elke Erb, Friederike Mayröcker, Oskar Pastior et al.

Table of Contents

German poetry in translation
Guest edited by Rosmarie Waldrop
Translated by Rosmarie Waldrop
     & Andrew Joron

     Rosmarie Waldrop
     Carlfriedrich Claus
     Michael Donhauser
     Barbara Köhler
     Waltraud Seidlhofer
     Ulf Stolterfoht
     Gundi Feyer
     Elke Erb
     Dieter Gräf
     Richard Anders
     Walter Thümler
     Elfriede Czurda
     Bruno Steiger
     Birgit Kempker

     Lisa Samuels
     Mark Tardi
     Paul Foster Johnson
     Hung Q. Tu
     Cynthia Sailers
     Amy Catanzano
     Guy Bennett
     Macgregor Card
     Cole Swensen
     Standard Schaefer
     Nick Moudry
     Marcelin Pleynet
     Anett Jessop
     Martha Ronk
     Stephen Ratcliffe
     Heather Akerberg
     Amy King
     John Latta
     Jason Lynn
     Brandon Downing
     )ohn Lowther
     kari edwards
     Veronica Corpuz
     Catherine Kasper
     Sarah Mangold
     Keri Sonnenberg
     Patrick Durgin & Jen Hofer
     Sawako Nakayasu

Essays, Notes, Reviews
     Sarah Mangold
     Rick Snyder
     Nick Moudry on Cole Swensen,
          Liz Waldner
     Guy Bennett
     Cole Swensen on Stacy Doris
     Stephen Ratcliffe on Robert Duncan
     Mark Tardi
     )ohn Lowther